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KORODURKORODUR Industrial Floors
are approved in every branch of industry

Since 1936 about 160 million square meters (as of January 1990) of cement-bound KORODUR hard aggregate screeds have been installed in the United States and overseas. We have contributed to the high standards of the industrial floor market. Thus today KORODUR is represented in all 5 Continents with production facilities both at home and abroad. We have also established a world-wide network of services and planning. We place at your disposal our know-how and experience in the field of industrial floorings.

KORODUR industrial floors are tough, durable, problem-free, physiologically harmless, maintenance-free and neutral in use.

KORODUR floors have amply proven their durability under combined rolling and grinding stresses, thermal shocks, pressure and impact, sliding and rolling of work peices and plant traffic of all kinds.

Properties of KORODUR Hard Aggregate Concrete Toppings:

  • resistant to gasoline, oil solvents
  • highly wear resistant
  • qualified for any kind of mechanical stress
  • entirely lift truck resistant
  • chain tractor proof
  • waterproof, qualified also in wet rooms
  • deicer-resistant
  • non-skid, antislip even in cases of oil spills and in wet rooms
  • not electrostatically chargeable
  • easy to clean
  • practically imperishable
  • economical

Laying Methods of KORODUR Hard Aggregate Concrete Toppings:

  • compound floor screed, directly bonded in one-layer and two-layers
  • floating screed with a separation layer of polyethylene sheet
  • in one-layer fresh-on-fresh
  • in one-layer on vacuum concrete
  • in one-layer on steel fiber concrete

All hard aggregate concrete screeds are carried out in accordance to DIN 18560 part 7 (ZE 55M, ZE 65A, ZE 65KS). The scope of works with hard aggregate concrete screeds is in accordance to VOB ATV DIN 18353.

KORODUR hard aggregates are produced strictly in accordance to DIN 1100.

WarehouseKORODUR Hard Aggregates:
KORODUR hard aggregates
are ready-mixed aggregates which correspond to DIN 1100. We are producing materials of all three coating groups, in addition, special materials can also be produced for almost all hard aggregate industrial flooring systems. Test certificates and reports are available. Our hard aggregates are delivered oven-dried in granular consistency according to special grading curves. They are packed in bags of 50 kgs each, and also in bags of 25 kgs and 40 kgs each on special request. Unmixed KORODUR aggregates have an indefinite shelf life.

KORODUR Industrial Floors - colored:
In the scope of its product development, Korodur International has invested a great deal in the production and application processes. Through such a development the problem of colored industrial floors could be solved. Today KORODUR industrial floors can be produced in colors to meet all demand.

Colored KORODUR industrial floor toppings can also be ground or mechanically polished to produce a smooth surface. The colored KORODUR dry mortar come in a ready-mixed packing of 30 kg per bag. It is also available as a color paste in 25 kg unit or 2 kg unit.

KOROPOX, an after-treatment for colored KORODUR industrial floors is recommended as an impregnating agent as well as a curing compound. For further information please refer to KOROPOX technical data sheet.

By using high-graded color pigments the following standard colors are available.

anthracite yellow
red green
brown blue
olive-green beige

Please look here for reproductions of polished, colored KORODUR industrial floors.

Because of different cement qualities and self-coloring of the cements, it is recommended to produce a sample area for the required color intensity.

Special care should be given to an extended mixing period, to the uniform mixing of the KORODUR mortar and also to the laying.

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